Yoko Ono & Kitchen Spring Cleaning

We met Yoko Ono at dinner one evening many years ago in New York. We offered her a lift home, and she invited us up to the apartment in the Dakota. Nick reverently played John Lennon’s piano, while I accompanied Yoko to the kitchen to… Keep Reading »

The PCA™ Celebrates Dinner Accomplished

I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays. I think it’s important to pay tribute to your origins, reminisce over the wonderful memories that were part of what made you who (or in this case what) you are today, and then assess and lay plans for the future…. Keep Reading »


“Without taste genius is but sublime folly.”
– French statesman Chateaubriand

The new site is keeping me on my toes, but I did steel some time out to celebrate my friend Cynthia Occelli’s birthday with a divine afternoon of art, breathtaking views, an indulgent lunch, and a lot… Keep Reading »