Crispy Ginger Tofu Lettuce Wraps

When Tatjana and her friend Leah gobbled these lettuce wraps up before I could cool the recipe long enough to store it, I knew I was onto a winner. This scrumptious, low-carb, vegan dish can also be adapted for you meat lovers out there too!… Keep Reading »

Pineapple Teriyaki Tofu

Spice up your weeknight doldrums with ease. This savory-sweet Asian inspired glaze will have your tofu bursting with flavor that will please kids and adults alike…. Keep Reading »

The Tool & Tricks to Making Tofu Yummy

Tofu is a low calorie, high protein and mineral dense food. It’s one way to tackle those Meatless Mondays my clients are leaning into more these days, but most of us are unfamiliar with how to manipulate an appealing texture form the insipid gelatinous bean… Keep Reading »

Fusion Snow Pea & Tofu with Soba Noodles

Colorful and a veritable smorgasbord flavors and textures. The crispy snow peas contrast nicely with the soft buckwheat noodles being slurped into your mouth dripping with the sweet and spicy sauce infusing the tofu with a burst of exotic flavor. This Thai-Japanese fusion dish is… Keep Reading »

Blueberry Tofu

Blueberries are packed full of healthy anti-oxidents as well as flavor. This simple yet elegant blueberry sauce dresses up ordinary sauteed tofu enough for a dinner party, yet easy enough for an everyday dinner the whole family will enjoy…. Keep Reading »

Tofu Marsala

Tender tofu makes a lovely change to the traditional chicken Marsala. The rich Marsala wine and mushroom sauce is so yummy you will want to mop up every last drop with a piece of fresh crusty whole grain bread…. Keep Reading »

Tatjana’s Soy-Chili Tofu with Portobello Mushrooms & Zucchini

My ex let slip that Tatjana is a really good cook – no doubt she was hiding this skill from me deliberately, because she loves for me to make all her old favorites when she comes home. She also loves being pampered. I’m not big on… Keep Reading »

Jewels Vegan Cottage Pie

Here I have used a meat substitute called Match, but you can also use firm tofu that has been frozen, defrosted, drained and crumbled to create a ground meat like texture. I promise you will not be asking “where’s the beef” because it satisfies that… Keep Reading »