The Foody Direct Interview

I’m just off to visit my daughter and catch a little of London Fashion Week, but first I want to thank FoodyDirect for the lovely article they published about the Personal Chef Approach. What perfect timing to keep you all entertained while I travel!
London Fashion… Keep Reading »

Istria, Wi-fi, & Truffles – Oh My!

When you are in love, cruising apart from your other half can be difficult. The internet on the boat cost fifty cents a minute, and took ten minutes just to open one email – Skype was a complete impossibility! That was a plus for me,… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Taste Bud Travel

Rose Harissa’s guest post on Mumbai inspired me to at least take my tastebuds on a trip to India last Sunday. My cohort in crime, Laura Hodges and daughter Kirsten Pampu joined us for the afternoon feast.
Tatjana and Kirsten
When I first moved to London it… Keep Reading »

New York, New York

Mom and I couldn’t have chosen better timing for our mother-daughter trip to New York. Being a Southern California gal, I miss the autumn turning of the leaves and we hit that perfectly along with unusually mild temperatures the first few days. Then when the… Keep Reading »

A Memory Lane Vacation

I’ve been juggling an even more demanding schedule than usual lately, both intellectually and physically. It’s actually been very exciting, but I’ve been operating way out of my comfort zone, and my gypsy soul is beginning to long for a vacation – the kind where… Keep Reading »

Whaam! Baam! – This is Mumbai man!

Hi it’s Breezy, Abi, Abigail and even Rose ( take your pick I answer to them all) author of the blog Quirky Rose Harissa. I’m delighted to be asked to guest post on Jewels From The Roving Stove about India, since it is on the top of… Keep Reading »

Bon Voyage II

By now you ought to know that I am a sentimental fool, and equally so about the places I’ve been as I am about the people in my life. I thought I might share some my favorite summer vacations since they have ended up also being… Keep Reading »

Sometimes on Sunday’s I Get a Little Sneaky

Sometimes on Sunday’s I shop. I confess, this Sunday is a little bigger spree than normal.
Tatjana and friend in Thailand, 1994
I am planning (shhhhhhh, don’t tell her – I want it to be a surprise) to book a trip to celebrate Tatjana’s upcoming birthday in… Keep Reading »

Unrequited Wanderlust

There were times when I was traveling with the band that I longed for a home cooked meal and my own pillow, but last year was the complete antithesis. It seriously lacked the exotic factor of travel abroad.

Traveling “light” in Gstaad, Switzerland 1983

Whether it is… Keep Reading »

The Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Clear Lake 1993
Tatjana and I have been away for the holiday weekend visiting family, and having a little too much fun to stop long enough to write a new post.

Last summer in Croatia

Admittedly we have indulged a bit too much, so this is what we… Keep Reading »

The Housewives on Vacation

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes in Mustique
Last week’s episode of Housewives of New York vacationing in the Caribbean disturbed me. I know it is reality TV, and the more the drama queens bitch, the better for ratings- but really? The Caribbean and cat fights are… Keep Reading »

Istanbul: Art, Music, History, and Food

Astrid Wyman, Andy Taylor, Julie Anne Rhodes, Steve Strange, and Francesca Thyssen

I did have a fabulous trip planned this week to visit one of my favorite people on the planet (my philanthropic, larger than life, visionary friend Francesca Thyssen), in an exotic land I’ve yet… Keep Reading »