Tatjana’s Soy-Chili Tofu with Portobello Mushrooms & Zucchini

My ex let slip that Tatjana is a really good cook – no doubt she was hiding this skill from me deliberately, because she loves for me to make all her old favorites when she comes home. She also loves being pampered. I’m not big on… Keep Reading »

Eggplant & Pepper Curry

This is my interpretation of a recipe I had while on holiday in Zanzibar – spicy and exotic, just like spice island in the Indian Ocean itself…. Keep Reading »

Vegan “Beef” with Broccoli

The trick to this healthy meal is to have your ingredients prepped, and ready (mise en place). Once everything is in place, the actual cook time is very fast. Have some steadfast beef eaters in your family? Substitute sliced (across the grain for tenderness) flank steak… Keep Reading »

Vegan Delight

I used a specific brand of grain blend, Trader Joes Harvest Grain Blend, but you should be able to find something similar close to where you live, or mix your own – it consists of Israeli couscous, red quinoa, and split pea garbanzo beans with… Keep Reading »

Salad Marlene

I am so lucky to have friends willing to come spoil me with yummy meals (while I recover from surgery) like this salad by Marlene Stewart… can’t you tell she’s a designer? Look how beautiful! It reminds me of springtime, and all the vivid colors… Keep Reading »

“Cream” of Cauliflower & Sun Choke Soup

Sun choke, also known as sunflower choke or Jerusalem artichoke, has a mild nutty flavor. Although not related to artichoke, the flavor is similar to that of artichoke heart. The sunflower root is available October through July, and happens to be one of my favorites… Keep Reading »

Coconut Curried Lentils

I whipped this recipe together whilst doing a vegan, anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic cleanse, and needed something intensely flavorful and protein rich to keep me from falling off the wagon. It was so good that the cleanse may be a distant memory, but I still make this… Keep Reading »

Lentil & Quinoa Salad

The secret to this salad is to be sure not to overcook the quinoa or lentils – you want them tender enough to eat, but still enough texture to keep them interesting. The cabbage will add a little more crunch, and the sweet and savory… Keep Reading »

Pushing Artistic Boundaries & Celestial Bodies

Some of you may remember my references to “guinea pig number one,” my dearly missed collaborator, who served as both a cheerleader and brave taste tester of my first vegetarian and vegan creations. She was my chief advisor on all the ingredients (agave nectar, Braggs… Keep Reading »

Cup of Jewels

Soups On, & Better than ever with Vitamix

I was obviously confused as a teenager as to which part of that party I could master, I think I’ll leave the music making to my keyboard playing ex, and concentrate on scintillating food instead! Wild mushroom soup was another course requested for that 8… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes

Love at First Bite?

Considering Nick Rhodes did not know how to boil water when we were married, I cracked up when he sent me this cooking video. Who would have thought we’d be sharing recipes after all these years, eh?
According to Tatjana, her father is a rather excellent cook these… Keep Reading »

The Dog Ate My Homework?

I could lie, and tell you Dasiy (my dog) ate my homework… but I’m not going to. The truth is I’m still

finding my groove in providing my members with all of the fab benefits and amazing value I promised

while dealing with an apparent upturn in the economy that has resulted… Keep Reading »

Choosing Food That Loves You Back

I’m in the check out line at the grocery store, and notice the woman ahead of me eyeballing my cart. I looked down, and realized everything in it was super healthy, with maybe the exception of a box of Kashi. This will probably sound silly,… Keep Reading »