Garlic Sautéed Broccolini

Broccolini has smaller florets and longer stems than broccoli, and tastes like a cross between broccoli and asparagus. It is actually a highbred between broccoli as we know it, and Chinese broccoli…. Keep Reading »

Grilled Marinated Artichokes

Grilling lemon marinated artichokes, with just a hint of spiciness from the red pepper flakes (optional), adds a smokey dimension to the mild flavor of the vegetable – elevating it to appetizer worthy! Just serve with any dressing of your choice on the side…. Keep Reading »

Jewels Cottage Pie

One of my all time favorite comfort foods, this versatile recipe is a great way to get your little (and big) ones to eat their vegetables. With that rich gravy and texture of the ground beef they will hardly notice the vegetables are there. Besides… Keep Reading »

Stewed Herb Chicken

Stewing chicken slowly infuses lots of flavor while keeping the chicken nice and moist. Stews work exceptionally well with the PCA™ since they get better after a day or two of allowing the flavors to meld further, and freeze extremely well.
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Balsamic Marinated Mixed Vegetables

This has been a staple side dish in our household for over 25 years. I just make a huge batch up at the beginning of the week to snack on or serve with any grilled or Italian entrée.
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Purple Cauliflower Mash

This easy kid-friendly side dish also happens to be great for low carb diets in place of mashed potatoes. Of course you can make it with any other color of cauliflower you happen to have, and let your imagination run wild with additional ingredients and… Keep Reading »

Want Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables?

Daisy didn’t actually eat my homework, but she does eat her vegetables – she loves carrots, green beans – oh who am I kidding? Daisy eats everything including tissues and my rose bushes when I’m not looking(grrrrrrr)! However, she is not to blame for today’s… Keep Reading »

Food in Film: Ratatouille (2007)

Guest Post by Penelope Worley, Recipe by Jewels
I have been thinking that Julie Anne is really onto something when she says,“if you can read, you can cook.” Good cooks and creative ideas can sometimes come from the most random, common or unthought of places.

No better… Keep Reading »

Dealing with a Fussy Household

I was lucky, Tatjana was always pretty willing to try anything as long as it didn’t swim in the sea before landing on her plate. Most children do object to certain things, but as we grow older our taste buds mature.
Tatjana Rhodes in Montawk, 1987
We… Keep Reading »

Eat Your Vegetables!

I was a model child when it came to drinking my milk, but vegetables? Not so much. This plea appeared recently on my blog, and I’m sure applies to many of us…

Model child Jewels
“My mother never made me eat vegetables so I never developed… Keep Reading »

Painting by Vegetable

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes by Johnnie Friedman
Television has been advocating “eat your vegetables” for decades. From cartoons like Popeye squashing a can of spinach into his mouth for the strength to save Olive Oil, to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. What will it take to… Keep Reading »

From My Heart to Yours

Julie Anne Rhodes by Matthew Rolston
My mother always said “never judge a book by it’s cover”… I’m living proof of that. People always tell me how young I look for my age, and I appreciate it, thank you! Most of it is probably down to… Keep Reading »