London Part II

This trip to London was very low key for the most part. More about spending quality time with my daughter than sightseeing or socializing, although I did manage to squeeze in a fair bit of the later, along with plenty of fun playing games, going… Keep Reading »

Cinema that Matters

There are two films being released this Friday. Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts, and clearly the underdog film, a documentary called Bully already causing huge controversy over the “R” rating the Motion Picture Association of America slapped on it. The Weinstein company are releasing it without rating in response,… Keep Reading »

Happy 25th Birthday Tatjana!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATJANA! It’s mind boggling to me that my baby is now a quarter of a century old! After almost as many hours of travel as years old she is (the Rhodes’ family version of candles on a cake) – we are finally soaking up… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch Competition Finalists

Tamara Beckwith, Christina Estrada, Tania Bryer, Normandie Keith, Jewels

OMG, they were all so yummy! It was extremely difficult for us to narrow it down to four. The finalists are listed here with corresponding menu number (in no particular order), so you can vote in the… Keep Reading »

Cinema Matters

Julie Anne Rhodes in a dress worn by Ida Lupino for You magazine

The magic of the cinema often provides me with a welcome respite from the problems and daily doldrums of life. Mom saw to it that I grew up on a steady diet of… Keep Reading »