My Grandmother Ellie was a true matriarch, and Thanksgiving was her holiday. No matter how spread out around the country, everyone was summonsed home for a formal Thanksgiving dinner together. Another of her traditions  was to relegate my cousin Jane and  me to look after our younger siblings and cousins at the “children’s table”. Jane was less than thrilled with the arrangement since her brother Larry got to sit with the adults.


Cousins Martha, Sue, Larry, Kathy, me, Jane, and my baby sister Patty

Now we are the adults, and Grammy would be proud that the cousins (at least the ones within driving distance) managed to reassemble yesterday. The lack of a children’s table was duly noted, and provoked quite a few memories and giggles.  Jane got even with her brother for getting to be part of Grammy’s adult table by making him wear a turkey hat, and centerpiece decorating projects might have given others cause

Cousins Jane, Beth, Julie and Larry

Cousins Jane, Beth, Julie and Larry

to mistake our table for the missing kids table, but hey – we get to set the rules these days, and the rule of the day was less formal, more fun. I must add it was equally delightful for me that someone else was handling the bulk of the feast for a change, since I’m usually working through the holiday. All I had to do was bring the stuffing, so thank you for a delicious spread cuz!

Everyone had to make a turkey centerpiece for the table

Everyone had to make a turkey centerpiece for the table

I know we’re probably all still trying to digest that huge holiday dinner, but I thought it might be helpful to share the post I did last year on ideas for repurposing those Thanksgiving leftovers, and the Personal Chef Approach on how to optimally “heat to eat them.” Click the link above for a refresher course.

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Those handy “heat to eat” instructions come with all of my recipes and menu plans, making Personal Chef Approach Gift Certificates the perfect holiday gift to purchase – it is Black Friday after all, with Cyber Monday quickly on it’s heels! Here’s what people are saying about their memberships:

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Still not convinced? Be sure to watch the video above for more about how the PCA works!


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